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BlueshiftFrontBlueshift (longlisted in The Saboteur Awards 2016) is a continuation of the chain of responses in the Book of Sand pamphlet. It begins with an artistic response to Book of Sand’s final piece, the poem Corvus by E.E. Nobbs. The resulting artwork was given to a poet to respond to, whose poem was given to a different artist to respond to and so on, resulting in a sequential series of poetry and art.

This collection takes its name from Pam Job’s poem, Blueshift, a response to Tessa Frampton’s artwork, both featured below.

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Poems by Stephanie Arsoska, Becky Cherriman, Claire Collison, Rebecca Gethin, Agnes Marton and Pam Job. Artwork by Claire Collison, Sheena Drayton, Lizanne van Essen, Saras Feijoo, Tessa Frampton, Pete Kennedy, Sam Smith and Emmy Verschoor.

“This ekphrastic chain is a vibrant conversation rollicking along as artists and writers respond and create; so, open up this book and join in! I was surprised, delighted and entranced by the daring and imaginative twists and turns and impressed by the exceptionally high quality of art and poetry.” — E.E. Nobbs, author of The Invisible Girl

Reaching to where sky hems the land, Tessa Frampton

i.m: F.G.Lorca

It takes a relatively small blueshift to move you towards me.
You approach through our continuum of words,
these in their temerities will float us through galaxies . . .

and here you come in your sky-blue workers’ overalls,
shuffling between the pomegranate trees, fag glued to your lips
and the black earth beneath you scented with ragged mantillas.

Listen, birds are flying over the fountains in the Generalife,
sifting the words of your siguirillas and making them their own.
Eventually, everything wings its way back to blue, me. You.

Pam Job


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