Karen Dennison

Poet and artist

so too have the doves gone


sm_dovescoverLast night’s launch of the anthology, so too have the doves gone, was part of the Essex book festival. It was held in the cafe at the Minories art gallery in Colchester and was completely packed/a great success.

The inspiration for this Anthology arose from the editors’ (Stephen Boyce, Pam Job & Judith Wolton) connection to the Wilfred Owen Memorial in Ors, Northern France, designed by British artist Simon Patterson. “Our hope and intention is twofold: that this Anthology will make a contribution to the commemoration of the centenary of The Great War, 1914-18, and will fulfil the original inspiration behind the creation of the Wilfred Owen Memorial, that it should celebrate poetry.”

Following an introduction to the inspiration for the anthology some of the poets read their poems. In the interval we viewed the supporting exhibition by students of Fine Art at Colchester Institute who responded to selected poems. Their responses are also included as illustrations for the book.

The book can be ordered from Jardine Press.

A copy of the poem I read (Praxis) is on my Poems page.

8 thoughts on “so too have the doves gone

  1. Really moved reading your poem and that looks a beautiful anthology to help remember the First World War – where would one buy a copy or can you buy it on Amazon? I’ll take a look.

  2. I am glad to read about this project and your involvement with it. Your poem is powerful – and the form you use, extremely effective. Thanks, Karen.

  3. So pleased to know about this anthology and that you read at the launch! Have ordered a copy.
    Margaret x

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